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Weekly Links #1
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I love social media and digital marketing and I have been trying to figure out how I could talk about it on this blog. I finally came up with a way and I am going to give it a try for the next few weeks to see how it goes. Each Friday I will be posting a few links to articles about digital marketing and social media that I found to be interesting. So without further ado: Welcome to the first “Social Media Tips and Tricks”.

How You Should Be Targeting Your Facebook Advertisements from Socialmetric.com

This is a very good article to read if you are thinking about putting money into Facebook ads. As the author explains, a lot of people put a lot of money in and get very little return on investment (ROI). This article is illustrated by a very simple yet very useful infographic about Facebook ads targeting. It guides you in your choice as to what type of ad you should choose depending on your goal.

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I would like to add that if you plan to invest in Facebook ads, it is very important to make sure you have very good content. That will definitely increase your ROI once you do your Facebook ads.


The Dead Zones: When Not to Post on Social Media from sumall.com

I really enjoyed the unusual approach of this article. You always see infographics about when you should post on social media, but this one focuses on when not to post on the different social media platforms.

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The same website has the infographic telling you the times you should post on social media. I will link it here so you can compare the two.


Why Social Media Is Important for SMBs, Plus 5 Helpful Tools from socialmediatoday.com

When I read blogs I see a lot of people talking about wanting to find solutions to manage social media. This article gives you a good round up of platforms to consider, especially if you own a small business. None of them is fully free except for Hootsuite, which has both a free and paid options. The free option only allows you to put three accounts. However, these options are not excessively expensive.


I personally use the free version of Hootsuite because it is enough for what I do. If you like using Instagram, Hootsuite does allow you to have your feed. However, none of these platforms would allow you to schedule a post on Instagram. The solution for that would be to go through the Latergram app.

 I am also planning on looking into Google Alerts in the coming weeks.


Was this useful and interesting for you? Don’t hesitate to share other links related to social media or digital marketing in the comments!


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