Twitter Instant Timeline, Social Networks Demogrpahics

Links to Social Media Tips & Tricks #5: Social Networks Demographics and Twitter “Instant Timeline”

Welcome to this week’s favorite links about social media and digital marketing. This week I will be sharing articles about the new Twitter “Instant Timeline” and a couple of articles about the demographics of the various social networks.

Twitter Instant Timeline, Social Networks Demogrpahics

Twitter ‘Instant Timeline’

LinkedIn – written by Pam Vinje – “Twitter testing new ‘Instant Timeline’ to new users”.

Instant TimelineWhen a social network comes up with a new features I always dread whether or not this change is going to be for the better. On more than one occasion I have felt confused and lost with new Facebook updates. I have come to terms that it is inevitable for these platforms to evolve. Thankfully most times these changes seem to be for the better and I have to admit that I am quite hopeful about this new ‘Instant Timeline’ feature. According to this article this new feature will allow you to get a tailored feed based on your contacts without having to follow new accounts as soon as you sign up. This is obviously only for new users.


Social Networks Demographics

I always find that it is very interesting to know the demographics for each network. It makes it easier to decide what platform you should invest your time in depending on your target audience.

Business Insider Tech “The Demographics Trends for Every Social Network”

DemographicsThis is a brief article. You can access the full report if you are subscribed to the Business Insider or if you sign up for a trial of 30 days. I think it’s too bad that you can’t have access to that information without a subscription but I understand that they’re also a business. However, you can still get a small summary of the report in this article. Another downside is that it is solely focused on the US population, so if you live outside the US or your business is in a different country this report might not be relevant. If you want a global report the following article might be more useful to you. “Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms”

Demographics 2This one is focused on the global population. However, according to the tables they only count the population that is over 18 years old. Therefore it does not take into teenagers who make for a large part of the social media users.

None of these two articles mentions Google+, which I think is a shame since it is can be an important part of your SEO strategy.

What do you think of these articles? Do you have any other recommendations?

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