Social Media Tips and Tricks,: Hashtags, Trends and retweets.

Links to Social Media Tips & Tricks #4: Trends, Retweets and Hashtags

Welcome to this week’s favorite links about social media and digital marketing.

Social Media Tips and Tricks,: Hashtags, Trends and retweets.

Digital marketing trends 2015 from
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This article was sent to me by someone at I found it to be very interesting and thought I would share it on the blog. It is an infographic summarizing seven digital marketing trends to look for in 2015. You will find out about what to look for in mobile, social media, content, SEO and more. It’s definitely worth checking out.


5 ways to get 10x more retweets from
© “5 Ways To Get 10x More retweets on Twitter

This is my favorite type of article. It has great illustrated examples and gives useful tweets. I will start with explaining that a “retweet” is when another user shares your tweet with his/her followers. Here the author gives you five examples on how to make your tweets more appealing to other users in order for them to want to share that content.


How do Hashtags work on the different social media
© “How Hashtags Work on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr

Today, hashtags are everywhere. You see them on every social network preceded by the symbol “#”. These are helpful to track specific content in a over cluttered internet. They are meant to help you sort through all the tweets, posts and status to find exactly what you are looking for. You would think that they would be the same no matter what social network you’re on (at least I thought that). However that is not the case. Depending on what network you are using, the rules are not exactly the same. This article gives you a good round-up of how hashtags work on each platform, as well as a few tips on how to use them efficiently.


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How do you use hashtags? Do you agree with the 2015 digital marketing trends predictions?


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