Links to Social Media Tips & Tricks #3

Hello and welcome to my weekly Links where I share articles with you about social media and digital marketing.

Photo credit: Death to the Stock
Photo credit: Death to the Stock


This Friday, I want to stay in the basics of social media a little more. I tried to find some articles that would present short summaries of the various social media platforms out there. “How to Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business

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This article is one year old but it’s a good round-up of a few social media platforms and their main criteria. I agree that Facebook is good for everyone but because the audience is so big, it’s not easy to get noticed. However, I would add that Twitter is a great platform to engage a conversation with your audience. I also miss seeing a paragraph about Instagram. If you want a more visual presentation of the various social media platforms, I greatly enjoy this infographic by that shows you the basic elements of each platform.

If you want more information about which social media platform is good for what purpose, check out my post from last week and click the link for the article. “The Ultimate Social Media Design Blueprint 2015

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I know that I have already posted an social media cheat sheet in a previous blog post, but when I saw this one, I had to share it. This infographic goes really in-depth and shows you all the information and measurements you need to know to post and manage your social media page effectively. I love how clean and simple the visuals are and how it also includes the formats for some of the Facebook ads. “5 Rules of Responding to Negative Comments in Social Media

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This is a short yet very interesting article. We all have seen that there is often a lot of negativity when you read the comment section of an article, a video, or any content on the internet. It is unfortunately something we can’t avoid. This article suggests five simple rules you can follow when you are faced with that situation. I would say the most important thing is not to delete the comment and to make sure you reply in a courteous way.


How do you deal with negative comments? Did you read any interesting article about social media this week?

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