Links to Social Media Tips & Tricks #2

Social Media Tips and Tricks #2
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Hello and welcome to my weekly Links where I share with you articles about social media and digital marketing.

Today I want to go back to the basics. The first two articles that I am going to share with you are really the essentials you need to know before you use social media. “The Correct Dimensions for Images on Different Social Networks

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When you use a lot of different social networks. whether it is for work or for your own personal life, it isn’t always easy to keep track of the correct and optimized dimensions for each image. This article has an infographic that is quite useful. It is a cheat sheet listing the size of the images for each social network page. “ How to decide which social media platforms are best for your brand

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I love Regina’s blog. If you are looking for a resource on blogging, her website is definitely worth checking out. This article is a good roundup of the principal social media networks and what you should use them for. It is very helpful if you are trying to figure out where you want to promote your brand or your blog. She also includes a few tools that you can download at the end of the article,


This third article is about a subject that I have found very interesting since the rise of social networks: How do luxury brands use social media? “How the Forbes Top 5 Luxury Brands Perform on Instagram

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As I just said I think it very interesting to see how luxury brands use social media. Social media networks are platforms that are popular and for everyone, whereas luxury brands are the opposite. They target the “happy few” and are very selective. Not everyone can afford a Louis Vuitton bag. How do you reconcile the two? How can luxury brands take advantage of social media without becoming brands for the masses?

What has been seen in the past few years, is that these brands are going to use it mainly for brand image and brand awareness rather than to drive sales or traffic to the store. This article is a good example of it. You will notice that these top 5 brands post mainly artistic photos and videos. Usually made by renowned artists.

Do you have any social media tips and tricks? What do you think about luxury brands and social media?


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