Organized how to

How to Stay Organized

Whether you work from home or in an office, how your organize yourself can greatly impact your productivity. Having worked in both situations, I have picked up a few tips on how to make organization easier.

Organized how to

Keep your working space tidy and clean.

I have noticed that when my desk is cluttered I have a harder time getting my day started or even focusing on the tasks at hand. I have made a point of cleaning my desk once I am done working for the day, in order to come back in the morning and have everything ready to start again.

Your computer too

I always tend to have too many tabs opened in Chrome (no really, like 40 at a time!). I also have the bad habit of saving everything on my desktop which can get a little of a mess when you are working on more than one project at a time. Now I try to have everything in folders to keep everything organized and easy to find.

Use apps to help you.

Since I work from my computer I love using apps. I use Google Calendar to keep track of deadlines and to set up reminders. I love Google drive and dropbox which both allow me to have access to what I need in case I need to work while being away from home or the office.

To Do lists

The first thing I do every morning is to write a to-do list of all the tasks for the day, it helps me keep track of what needs to be done. I also put an order depending on what has more priority.

Have a schedule. (specially if you are a solopreneur)

I have found that when I have a schedule it helps me being organized and focused. I like to allocate slots of time to each of my tasks, I don’t always respect the schedule but it does help me make sure that I have time to do everything and that I do it in a productive way.


Now, I am certain that there are many more ways to improve your organization and your productivity. What are your tips? Share them in the comments below!!!

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