Favorite Books of 2016

I¬†am going to be very honest, I didn’t read as many books in 2016 as I had hoped I would. But still, I read a few. This is my top five books that I have read last year. It is a good mix of “regular” books and graphic novels. Also, fun fact, I absolutely love graphic novels. I actually learned how to read with graphic novels because my dad used to collect them and I really wanted to be able to read them. So I learned how to read before being taught in school thanks to my dad and to graphic novels.

Now, enough chit chat, onto the books! I made a little video talking about these five books. You can check it out by clicking on the image below:



My Top 5 Books of 2016


Lena Dunham – “Not That Kind of Girl”

This is the first book that I read in 2016. At first, I was really hesitant to read it. There was a lot of hype around it, and I was afraid to be disappointed. I love Lena Dunham. I think she is an awesome role model, and it is nice to see someone that doesn’t follow the Hollywood standards for once. Her work as an actress, director and feminist is really inspiring. Because of that, I was almost dreading reading this book. In the end, I found myself at the airport, going on a weekend trip and having forgotten my book. So I ended up picking up this one.

As soon as I started it, I knew I would love it. Her writing is clever, witty and honest. Honesty is one of my favorite traits, particularly in writing. I would recommend this book to anyone. However, as a small disclaimer, she likes to talk about vaginas, sex and other topics like that. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with that, you might not enjoy this book as much. ūüėČ


Cl√©mentine Beauvais – “Les petites¬†Reines”

I hesitated a lot on whether or not I should include this book in my top 5. That is because¬†I do not believe that this has been translated to English. So this one is for everyone who can read french (sorry!). The author is very young, she is a professor in the UK and her writing is brilliant. I used to know her back in high school, but I haven’t seen her since. This is a young adult novel, and yet it is so well written that I would recommend it to any adult.

The story is about these three girls who are nominated as the three ugliest of their school. To show everyone that they are much more than that, and then for their own personal reasons, they decide to bike from their little village to Paris. The title means “the little queens”. Here the “queens” refer to the bikes. On their way to Paris, they sell sausage to make money. As you can probably imagine, it is hilarious and yet has the typical teenage angst.



Est√©e Lalonde – “Bloom”

I have mentioned this book on my social media and on my videos before. Estee is one of my favorite YouTubers. Part of the reason why is because she is honest and frank. That translates into her book as well. This book is kind of a memoire of her very young life. And yet, despite being only 25, she has gone through a lot.

I think that one of the many reasons why I like so much, is because I relate to a lot of the things she has gone through. I love the way the book is written¬†and doesn’t have any fluff. It really feels like she is sitting next to you, telling you the story. I love seeing different aspects of her personality that you don’t necessarily see in her videos. I would recommend her books and videos to everyone.



Fran Meneses – “A punto de Partir”

This is a graphic novel¬†that I have mentioned before. Frannerd is also YouTuber or “IllusTuber” as she calls herself. She is an Illustrator on YouTube. Her videos and vlogs are always hilarious. I am a huge fan of her personality and love watching the funny dynamic between her and her husband Ed. This graphic novel is a travel journal of a long trip they did together. They leave their home country of Chile to go to the US, Germany and other cities in Europe.

Her illustration style is very distinct and unique. The drawings are all in black and white, which strips them to the core emotions and atmospheres that she is trying to communicate. The version that I have the the original Spanish version, but I know that she was working on an English translation. So hopefully, you will be able to read it even if you don’t speak Spanish.



Marjane Satrapi – “Persepolis”

This book, despite being a graphic novel, is a little more serious. It is basically the autobiography of Marjane Satrapi. She grew up in Iran during the revolution, so a lot of the events that she went through as a child are during that time period. It is a book that I would recommend everyone to read. It is eye opening to read about this time period of the history of Iran from someone that went through it as a child and young adult.

The book is beautiful. The illustrations are back and white monochromatic, which reinforces the some of the events she relates. The writing is smart, funny (sarcastic at time) and very raw as she grows up. It is a great read, and now I am curious to watch the movie.


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