Favorite Art Supplies

I could talk about art supplies all day! Drawing/doodling has been a hobby for as far as I can remember. I kind of stopped drawing every day when I started grad school. However, this year I have really been getting back into it. I have been using Copic markers for a couple of years now, but I also got back into watercolor. So here are my favorite art supplies:

Art Supplies Mentioned:

Copic Sketch: Out of all the types of Copic Markers I like these the best because of the nibs they come with and the wide array of colors you can choose from. I will mention that they are pricey and if you just want to test Copics, I would recommend the Copic Ciaos first. They are cheaper and you can replace the nibs if you want to.

Sakura Pigma Micron: One of my favorite liners. As long as I make sure that I let them dry first, they will not smudge when applying color over them. I love that they come in many different thicknesses which allow for very cool effects.

Copic Multiliner: Another very good liner and I would say that these smudge even less than the Sakura ones mentions above. However, there is less choice when it comes to thicknesses.

Rotring Rapidograph: I only started using these a couple of months ago, but I love them. I will say that I use them mostly for sketches or for drawings that will only be line art and no color. If I did want to use them with color, I would definitely line the art after I applied the color. These will definitely smudge if you use markers or watercolor over them. They are extremely thin and precise.

Rotring Art Pen in EF: I have always enjoyed drawing with fountain pens and this brand is my go-to when it comes to art fountain pens.

Winsor and Newton Watercolor palette: This is a very good beginners palette. Newton and Winsor Cotman watercolors are very reasonably priced and you get good quality pigments. They’re not the most pigmented but they blend well together and if you are just starting with watercolors this is more than enough.

Kuretake Watercolor Palette: A Japanese watercolor palette. This one is extremely pigmented and through me off the first time that I used it. Now, I absolutely love it! It will give your piece a very different effect than the Winsor and Newton will. I like to combine both brands of watercolors.

What are your favorite Art Supplies? Are there mediums or techniques you want to experiment with? Let me know in the comments below!

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