Cape Cod in a Weekend – Shining Sea Bikeway

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The last stop of our Cape Cod Weekend was the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth. It’s a 10 mile (16km) bike trail that used to be a railroad. It ends in the town of Wood Hole which is where you take the ferry to go to Martha’s Vineyard. This bike trail had great reviews on Trip Advisor.


Neither of us owns a bike, so we looked online and found a place in Falmouth called The Corner Cycle. I thought it was quite cheap: a half day (9h) is only $17. You can ask for a helmet and a lock as you rent a bike.

I hadn’t been on a bike for about 15 years, so I was dreading it a little. Thankfully the saying is true: you do not forget how to ride a bicycle. For the first five minutes I wasn’t very stable, but I quickly gained confidence and was able to enjoy the Shining Sea Bikeway.

We didn’t do the entire trail, but we did a good portion¬†of it. It’s really beautiful. You see so many different sceneries that it doesn’t get boring or redundant. We started at Falmouth Village (point 7 on the map) and went all the way to Wood Hole (point 1 on the map). That section of the trail follows the coast and you have amazing views of the ocean.

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We stopped for lunch at Wood Hole and walked around for a little bit. It’s cute, but there isn’t a lot to see there.

Woodhole 6_Light Woodhole 4_Light Woodhole 1_Light

After lunch, we went back on our bikes. Once we were back at our starting point, we decided to keep going for a little longer towards the north section of the trail. The scenery here was very different. It alternates between portions shadowed by trees, and portions that were very swampy. I wasn’t expecting to be surrounded by¬†marshes in Cape Cod.

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We went up to West Falmouth (point 13 on the map) and after consideration, decided that our legs couldn’t take much more so we decided to head back. Overall it was a very pleasant ride. It was a gorgeous day, and everyone on the trail was very civil and polite.

I would definitely recommend the Shining Sea Bikeway to anyone who spends a weekend in Cape Cod. It’s not a hard trail and I think it is accessible to most people.

Have you ever been to the Shining Sea Bikeway? Did you like it? Would you like to go?


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