Cape Cod in a Weekend – Sandwich

As I mentioned in my previous post, last weekend my friend and I decided to go to Cape Cod. Our first stop was the town of Sandwich. We had read on Mathilde’s blog that there was a very good coffee place called “Coffee Roost”. We decided that we could stop there and then take a walk around before continuing our journey.

We parked behind the café. The owner of one of the stores there told us we couldn’t stay parked there for too long, because there was a parade that day. There were people dressed up and ready for the parade all over Sandwich.

The Coffee Roost

Coffee Roost 1_Light Coffee Roost 4_Light

I am not a big coffee person. To be honest, I love tea and that’s where I get my daily caffeine from. I still decided to try the coffee at that place. I went for a blend that had vanilla and caramel in it. I have to say, it tasted amazing!

Coffee Roost 2_Light Coffee Roost 3_Light

I also really liked the place. It’s small and cozy and there are a few tables outside for the sunny days. It’s exactly the kind of place where I love to go. It’s quiet and allows you to hear and have a conversation with your friend.


After that, we aimed for the Heritage Museums and Gardens where we knew there was a windmill. The walk there was very pleasant.


We saw some beautiful houses on our way up.

Sandwich 1_Light Sandwich 4_Light Sandwich 5_Light Sandwich 12_Light Sandwich 13_Light Sandwich 18_Light Sandwich 25_Light

Once we got to the Heritage Museum, we discovered that it was $18 to get in. It felt a little expensive to us so we turned around and went on with our trip.

Sandwich is a beautiful town. Everyone we met was nice and helpful. It’s definitely worth it to stop there, even if it’s just to try the Coffee Roost.

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