Cape Cod in a Weekend – Provincetown, the Pilgrim Monument and Race Point Beach

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After our stop at Nauset Light Beach, my friend and I headed out to Provincetown. Our first stop was the Pilgrim Monument. We parked in a public parking lot located on Prince Street, right behind the monument.

The tower was built between 1907 and 1910 to honor the memory of the pilgrim fathers who landed in Provincetown in 1620. Its design was inspired by the Torre del Mangia in Sienna (Italy) and is 252 feet high (77 meters for us Europeans). In order to get to the top, you have to climb 116 steps. Once you get to the top, you have an incredible panorama. You can see the entire point of the peninsula, including the Race Point Beach dunes.

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If you want, you also have a tiny museum at the bottom of the tower. It tells you about the story of the pilgrim fathers and displays various objects from that time.

After climbing the tower, we headed to Commercial Street. Since that’s where all the shops and restaurants are, it was a very animated and lively street. I have never seen this many dogs in one place, which I enjoyed a lot since I am a dog person. I also discovered that there is an important gay community in Provincetown. Walking along Commercial Street was extremely entertaining and I had a lot of fun.

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This was in the front of an inn. I found it so kitsch that I had to take a picture.

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After walking around for a while and buying a few postcards, we headed to Race Point Beach. This beach is located at the very end of Cape Cod. It is a very wide beach bordered by many dunes. The landscape reminded me a lot of Arcachon in the south-west of France. At that point the sky was getting cloudier and cloudier and the temperature was dropping, but it was still worth it.

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I would love to go back on a sunny day; it has to be beautiful. In my opinion, Provincetown with the Pilgrim Monument and Race Point Beach are two stops that you have to do when you visit Cape Cod.

Have you ever been to Provincetown or Race Point Beach? What was your favorite part?

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