Cape Cod in a Weekend – Dennis & Orleans

To continue with my adventures in Cape Cod, after spending about an hour and a half in Sandwich, my friend and I went to the Scargo Observation Tower in Dennis. Again, Mathilde had recommended it on her blog.

Scargo Observation Tower

The tower per se is not very tall, but it is located on top of a hill which gives you a great view from up top. You can see the outline of Cape Cod, specially when the weather is as nice as it was that day. Unfortunately, I find that the pictures I took do not translate what I was seeing.

 Dennis Scargo tower 1_Light Dennis Scargo tower 3_Light Dennis Scargo tower 2_Light

Sir Cricket in Orleans

After that stop, we decided it was time to get lunch. Still following Mathilde‘s advice, we went to a place on the side of the road in Orleans called Sir Cricket. They have a very good rating on Trip Advisor and on Yelp. It’s a very small place and it was very crowded. However, the people there were very efficient and worked fast. The service was impeccable and the food delicious. I ordered a lobster roll and it came with a bag of Cape Cod chips (amongst my favorite chips to have). I loved that you had actual chunks of lobster in the roll; it wasn’t like a lobster paste which I have had before. It had a lot of flavor to it and it tasted like fresh seafood and not frozen (where the taste is duller). Out of everything we ate that weekend, this was my favorite meal. I also found that it wasn’t particularly expensive given the quality of the food. It was around $13 including taxes. I would recommend it to anyone who travels to Cape Cod and likes seafood, to stop there.

Orleans Sir Cricket Lobster Roll_Light  Orleans Sir Cricket_Light

We ate in the sun by a little windmill across from the restaurant, with a view on a pond.

 Orleans Windmill 3_Light Orleans View_Light

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