Cape Charles Vacation – Photos Part 2

The place we are staying at in Cape Charles is very secluded. I love the feeling of being away from civilization; it makes it feel like a real vacation. We also do not have great internet. It makes it less tempting to spend time on my computer.

Down from the house we staying at, there is a wild beach. There isn’t much there but a lot of seaweed and Horseshoe crab shells. It makes for a beautiful and peaceful scene, especially at sundown. The horseshoe crabs look like prehistoric creatures and are quite impressive when you see them for the first time. We haven’t seen a single one alive so far. I hope you enjoy the pictures. They are not the best quality, in order for me to be able to upload them.

Horseshoe Crab 3 Sunset trees Sunset waves Horseshoe Crab 2

Photo Credit: The Husband
Photo Credit: The Husband

Sunset and basket in the see Footprints on the Beach Horseshoe Crab 1 Beach and tree 2 Beach and tree 1

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