Assassin’s Creed Unity – First Impression


I have mentioned on the previous post that I had been looking forward to seeing Assassin’s Creed Unity in action for a few months. The main reason is because it takes place in Paris, during the revolution. I have been reading articles about how the developer, Ubisoft, reproduced Paris to a maximum level of detail. You can walk the streets of Paris, go inside houses and climb to the top of Notre Dame or La Sainte Chapelle. They have been working on this game for four years. They incorporated a co-op online mode where you can do side missions with three other players, adding even more complexity to the game. Given how much time they had spent making this game, I was expecting something really good.

Yesterday, my husband had read many reviews and told me that there were many mixed opinions. Some complained about glitches and the controls not being good, others said they had no issues. We were expecting the game to be very heavy in graphics and knew that we wouldn’t be able to run it with all the settings set to the highest level.

I need to tell you that everything that I am going to say is based on watching my husband play. I was supposed to give it a try as well, but unfortunately the game doesn’t allow us to have two saved games in parallel. Maybe once he’s done playing it, I’ll give it a try.

When we started Assassin’s Creed Unity it was running smoothly. There didn’t seem to be any lag or glitches. My husband decided to take a look at what would happen if he put all the settings on high, and as you can imagine, the game was running very slow. Once the settings were lower, it was running well again.

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Overall, it looks fantastic! The amount of details that you can see are amazing. My husband did say that sometimes Arno (the character that you play as) isn’t really responsive to the commands you are giving him. For example, you want to climb a wall and instead he jumps back. That can be a little annoying, but it could also be a matter of getting used to the controls in the game. We did noticed a few glitches, like a soldier walking in the air (I wish I had taken a screenshot of that!). Hopefully, Ubisoft will be releasing patches for these issues in the coming weeks. Another thing that we noticed is that despite not having the settings on the highest level, some cut scenes are a little slow and jerky. It happens mostly when there is a close-up on a face and you can see the many strands of hair of a character.


Now, the story line seems interesting to me. I am obviously biased since it concerned the history of my home country. However, I think it’s a great way to learn more about French history. We haven’t played enough for me to have a good opinion about the storyline and its coherence with the historical events happening at that time. I did enjoy the viewpoints from Notre Dame where I could recognize some of Paris most famous landmarks, as well as the interior of the Sainte-Chapelle. It was breathtaking to see the detail in which they have reproduced this monument, from the stain glass to the ceiling covered with a blue background and golden fleur de lys (lilies and the symbol of the french monarchy). It is quite impressive to see that level of detail.

I hope Ubisoft ends up fixing the glitches because so far I really like the game and it would be a shame not to be able to enjoy it. I look forward to watching my husband play tonight and eventually be able to play myself.


Have you tried playing Assassin’s Creed Unity? What did you think? Do you also experience glitches?


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