Anker Portable Charger Review

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Today I am talking about a little gadget that I can’t live without. It’s the Anker portable charger. As the name suggests it is a small battery pack that allows you to charge your phone or any other device on the go.

I have an iPhone 5S and I love it. However, the battery life is not the best. If I use it throughout the day, listening to music, checking Facebook or Instagram and sending a few text messages or emails, the battery won’t last until the end of the day.

About three months ago I did some research. I found many options in the portable charger department. I didn’t want something too big; I wanted something small and light that I could slip into my purse. Looking on Amazon I found the Anker Astro mini charger.

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It is shaped like a little tube, not much bigger than a lipstick. It has a capacity of 3000mAh and has great reviews online. I also appreciated the fact that it comes in more than one color.

I have been using this portable charger for about three months, and I can say I am very happy with it. When it’s fully charged, it will do one full charge of my phone and about another half charge. In my case that was exactly what I was looking for. It takes a little while to charge the Anker Astro mini; I usually plug it over night so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s very easy to charge with a micro USB cable that is included when you buy it.

Another positive aspect is that it’s not really expensive. I bought it for about $20 on Amazon, but it’s now at $17 because they released a newer model with a capacity of 3200mAh (that one is $20).

If you are like me and tend to use your phone a lot throughout the day and run out of battery, I would definitely recommend you buy one of these portable chargers. It’s so small it fits everywhere.

Do you have a portable charger? Which one do you have or have you heard of?


  • I also have an Anker, but it’s the 13000mAh one. My one is bulkier, but it works fine. Although I have noticed it isn’t holding as much charge as it used to. I got it for Christmas last year, so not too bad. I think I paid $70 for it.

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