A Sunday at SOWA Market in Boston

The past few weeks have been very hectic with the move coming up. I have found out that when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, the best remedy is to go for a walk. Focus on something else, distract yourself while moving. I had been wanting to checkout the SOWA open market for about a year. The market is divided in three parts: The farmer’s market, the food trucks and the art market. My main goal was to checkout the food trucks, because I have been hearing that the food was really good. However, my timing was the worst, as I had just been told to stop all dairy and gluten. Tim and I made our way to Boston last Sunday morning and adventured in the midst of the South End. This is one of my favorite parts of Boston, with its red brick buildings and everyone walking their dog.

Once we got to the market, I decided to try the Clover food truck. We got their rosemary french fries which were delicious. Too bad that the people working there were not super nice and seemed upset that you were ordering food from them. At the same time, it was hot as hell and the music was very loud, so I can’t really blame them for being in a bad mood.

After eating our french fries we walked to the Art market which was my favorite part by far. I was so captivated by everything we were seeing, that I forgot to take pictures (it just gives me an excuse to go back). One of the artists that had a stand there was Mia Whittemore. She had these beautiful watercolor prints that I really wanted to get. I held off because we were moving at the end of the week and figured it would be better to get them after we’d moved (another excuse to go back).

SOWA Outfit 1

SOWA outfit 2

What I wore:

That Sunday was extremely hot, so I opted for an easy and light outfit. I paired my Gap jean shorts with a light and fluid striped t-shirt from Madewell. On my feet I have my black Birkenstocks. I have had these for about a year and wear them pretty much all summer. Given the blasting sun that day, I made sure not to forget my Oakley sunglasses. My necklace is one of my favorites and I wear it every single day. It is made of recycled metal and is from the brand Minoux. Lastly, my purse is from Rebecca Minkoff. I am obsessed with her purses and fall in love with a different model every week. (Tim can attest to this.)

What is your favorite outfit for a warm day outside??


SOWA necklace SOWA Purse

SOWA outfit 3



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