4 Ted Talks Worth Watching

Today I am sharing with you four of my favorite Ted and TedX Talks. These are all people that I find inspiring and that, after listening to them they made me change my outlook on things or ask myself questions.

4 Ted Talks

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Amy Cuddy is a social psychologist who is an associate professor at Harvard Business School. Here she talks about how we know that often our body language translates our thought or mindset, but what if it worked the other way around as well? What if by taking “power poses” we would influence our minds and our behavior? This a very interesting talk, definitely worth watching.


Sharer of Joy: Nataly Kogan at TEDxBoston

Nataly Kogan is the founder and CEO of a company named “Happier”, based here in Boston. Happier is a social media where you go and share your positive things and happy moments with other users. The idea came when Nataly started looking at scientific research on happiness and she found that focusing on small positive moments was proven to have a positive impact on the way you feel. This is so important. It is so easy to let oneself drown in negativity, especially today with the internet. When I go on YouTube or Facebook and I see how many people chose to leave negative comments just because, it makes me realize even more how important it is to hold on to the positive things in your life no matter how small they are.


Beatbox brilliance | Tom Thum | TEDxSydney


This is a video that I have watched so many times!! Yet I don’t get tired of it. This guy is extremely talented! Tom Thum is an Australian Beatboxer and you wouldn’t believe the sounds he is able to make with his voice. This is not an educative video, but it will certainly entertain you.


How Do YOU Define Yourself Lizzie Velasquez at TEDxAustinWomen

This is a beautiful life lesson. Lizzie Velasquez was born with a unknown syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight. In high school she found a video online labeling her the “ugliest woman”. In this talk she teaches us that others are not who define us, that the way we look does not define us and that we are the one in control of what it is that defines us. I find this video inspiring. It makes us put into perspective what we have and what we don’t. In 2014 Lizzie launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a movie telling her story. The campaign was successful and the movie “A Brave Heart” has already won 5 awards to date. I can’t wait to see it!

What did you think of these talks? What are your favorite Ted Talks?


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