4 Awesome Podcasts for Creative People

One of my favorite things to do during my commute or during a walk is to listen to podcasts. I find it to be a very enriching experience. Listening to other people’s opinion or advice on a specific topic is going to open your mind and allow you to see things differently. You can gain so much from other people’s experiences.

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When I listen to a good podcast, I feel inspired and ready to create. I thought that today I would share with you some of my favorite podcasts, so here we go:


Being Boss:

Being BossThey describe themselves as a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I discovered this podcast through Frannerd and was immediately hooked. The hosts are to women, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, who have been working in graphic design, web strategy and branding (amongst other awesome things). Their episodes are filled with anecdotes from their respective careers, interviews with other people in the industry, wise advice and tips for your creative business. They are always laughing (which is very contagious) and the information you get from this podcast is fantastic, they really put it all out there.


Make it then tell everybody:

Make it then tell everybodyAnother podcast that I discovered thanks to Frannerd. This is one was created by Dan Berry who is a comic book artist and also teaches. Each episode is an interview with a different comic book artist or illustrator. His way to describe his podcast is “how artist came to be what they are”. I find it very interesting to hear other people’s stories. It’s inspiring and you can also pick up a lot of tips.




The paper wings:

Paper wingsThis is not a very consistent podcast in the way that there isn’t an episode every week, sometimes you can even spend months without an episode. However, when there is one, It is well worth the wait. I found this podcast when I was looking for interviews of Claire Keane (PS it’s episode #33 and it’s soo good!). This is another podcast that is very interview based. The guest are artists that work in animation, storytelling from graphic novels to film. The goal is to teach you how to tell stories yourself not matter the medium.



Make it Happen:

makeithappenpodcastIf you follow Jen Carrington’s blog, then you’ve heard of her podcast. Each episode is an interview with a female entrepreneur about a specific theme. Given that I follow a lot of the people she interviewed in the first season (she released the second one not that long ago), it was very insightful to hear about some behind the scenes of their businesses. Jen always has smart questions and has a lot of humor.





What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? Let me know in the comments below.

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